Our Services


Support to SMEs in the achievement of high rates of profitable growth in challenging global markets.

Advice on development of organisational capability including strategic and operational planning and management skills necessary to ensure delivery of high rates of profitable growth despite unusual market uncertainties.

Project commercial and EPCM support services from design supervision, to commissioning and operations management, business improvement, and control.

Audit services and cost reviews.


Guide the development of an agreed strategic vision to align teams and set appropriate business improvement and/or project development delivery frameworks.

Scoping & mapping of the overall development plan and pathways from resource evaluation through to market and product take-off agreements.

Guidance with the assessment of value-add opportunities, complimentary products and services and their augmentation to maximise value add and product/services margins.

Help completing economic valuations and project feasability/ bankability, and provide support services to owners in preparation for business and/or project sale.

Due diligence support for small to large-scale businesses, to assist sale, acquisition and funding


Practical and pragmatic commercial reviews and contract negotiation strategies from small scale to multimillion dollar contracts with quality legal support readily at hand.

Support to SMEs in managing business and commercial risk and compliance essential for underpinning the achievement of high rates profitable growth in challenging jurisdictions and or challenging times.

Compliance and audit support services - Quality, Safety & Environment.

Project recovery services for challenging projects experiencing damaging cost quality and schedule issues.


Pre-feasibility studies ensuring clear agreed project vision, well resourced, and costed plans to help ensure that follow-on major studies are appropriately scoped and completed in a timely manner without undue re-work.

Scoping studies to ensure a tight project focus that prevents unnecessary work and rework costs, and helps maintain project development schedules.

Process and technical review services including establishment of the broad processes and parameters from manufacturing process to physical geological, metallurgical, process, to ITC and technical support services.

Validation services for market models, production plans and product pricing assumptions.

Support services to guide completion of Definitive Feasibility Studies (DFS), EIS, Social Studies, including product market development, buyer introductions,
project modelling, marketing, and communications support.

Practical professional advice on positioning businesses and related key projects for funding and/or sale to meet client requirements.

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