Welcome to H&N Investments

H&N Investments Pty Ltd ("H&N") and The Mineral Sands Consultancy ("TMSC") is an independent, privately owned investment and business consulting enterprise.

H&N specialises in supporting businesses achieve their growth objectives within the natural resources and heavy industrial and rail transport sectors.

"H&N Investments" provides business advisory and executive and board supports services and our consultancy business.

"The Mineral Sands Consultancy" ("TMSC") provides resource industry development and technical support services.

Our business, commercial, engineering and specialist project developers have the skills and experience to deliver superior business growth and transformation.

Our market based approach, performance focus, and strong guiding values ensure our clients quickly gain confidence in our ability to deliver exceptional results quickly.

H&N also invests in these sectors, including client businesses, with our success being built on our knowledge base and our ability to see and deliver increased value.